Pot or Pizza Delivery?

In Palm Springs, California patients can now get medical marijuana delivered to their door as fast as a pepperoni pizza.
But, how do you go about getting pot delivered right to your door? The first requirement is a prescription for the issuance of an MMJ Green Card. There are several physicians in the desert such as Greensight Medical who has 4 locations and accommodating hours. They have experienced doctors on staff that can evaluate you and write you a recommendation for medical marijuana.
Once you’ve got your green card in hand you will be able to choose between a storefront shop or cannabis delivery service. Hop on the internet and Google Marijuana Delivery in the desert. You can also check out Weedmaps.com an online directory for pot in Thousand Palms, Palm Desert and Palm Springs for a detailed list. They post menus from many dispensaries and you can order your favorite strains such as Green Apple, Pre 98 Bubba or delicious Kiva Chocolate edibles. Make sure to do your research and read the reviews and then make your choice.
Some patients may feel uncomfortable going to a marijuana store, being seen inside and purchasing marijuana. Or you may have a busy schedule and can’t get to a store. However, you may want to go into a storefront to visually look at all of the varieties of weed. There is a need for both options, but options in the desert are limited, since there are only 3 in Palm Springs. Also, due to a city ordinance storefronts are closed on Sundays.
Hopefully, it won’t be a long drive for you, and once you are in the store, there is usually a long wait in a crowded lobby since they are generally pretty busy. Currently, there are only a handful of storefronts in the desert. Three storefronts may open in Cathedral City, however due to bureaucratic red tape they have not opened yet. Officials in Indio are looking into allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in their city. Desert Hot Springs opened one dispensary in March.
A good medical marijuana delivery service will provide dependable, safe and discreet delivery options. Delivery in the desert has never been easier. The staff should be able to advise patients on their range of cannabis products and explain in detail the possible health benefits. All card carrying patients can order marijuana to be delivered to your home, work or if you’re visiting and just relaxing in your hotel room. Basically, it’s convenient to place your order online or over the phone and enjoy the luxury of having it brought right to your door. Some marijuana delivery services even offer free delivery. That can be a big savings for you with the high cost of gas today.
Many offer special deals, referral gifts and returning patient perks. Once you’re satisfied with your chosen dispensary, it’s like you’ve found your best friend. Program their phone number into your speed dial and when it’s time to replenish, they will be there for you.
“I prefer marijuana delivery because they discreetly deliver meds to my house in a prescription printed bag and I can schedule it at my convenience,” said Bruce a retired contractor who spends $75 a week on medical cannabis. “I should not have to make the trip to a store.”
Mobile marijuana businesses now number in the hundreds across Southern California. Nationwide, pot delivery services have nearly tripled in three years.
“Home delivery is becoming the option of choice for more and more patients who need a service they can depend on and be there when they need them, like a best friend,” said Craig from Best Friends Farm (www.bestfriendsfarm.org) a marijuana delivery service located in Rancho Mirage, California. Craig also stated that many of his patients are female because they feel safer. Older patients in the desert, disabled and even busy executives welcome having meds delivered to their door.
The shift from a brick and mortar model to a marijuana delivery service is becoming increasingly common in California. Overall, the medical marijuana industry is constantly evolving and growing.

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