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The Game to Release New Cannabis Line

The Game is going green as the brand ambassador for a new cannabis line. The rapper (real name Jayceon Taylor) has partnered with G FarmaBrands, a California-based company that specializes in marijuana-based products for medical and “adult use,” to launch “G Stiks” and “G Drinks,” which will be available throughout California and Washington state.

“As an award-winning recording artist, star and icon, The Game embodies the true spirit of the marijuana culture,” said Ata Gonzalez, founder of G FarmaBrands, in a press release sent to Billboard. “He understands the plant and is a firm believer in us as a company and our dedication to setting the industry standard through quality and innovation.”

The new G Drinks line will feature lemonade beverages in flavors of original, pink and strawberry, infused with the company’s Liquid Gold cannabis oil. The G Stiks, cone-shaped cannabis cigarettes, are currently available in six different blends. Both products are crafted to match The Game’s personal tastes

“These guys are the pioneers of innovation in the cannabis industry,” said The Game of G FarmaBrands (which currently servesmore than 700 dispensaries in California) in a statement. “I’m excited to help raise awareness for G Stiks and G Drinks in all territories that we are available.”

The Game is also set to perform at the 2016 U.S Cannabis Cup and Carnival in San Bernardino, California, later this month.



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California Recreational Cannabis Poised To Qualify for Ballot

Supporters of a recreational marijuana ballot measure in California handed in more than 600,000 signatures supporting their effort, indicating the initiative is virtually assured of going before voters in November.

Supporters amassed a comfortable cushion of signatures, given that the initiative needs just 365,880 valid ones.
The measure, backed by tech billionaire Sean Parker, would legalize adult-use cannabis in the nation’s most populous state, opening countless opportunities for entrepreneurs wanting to serve the market directly or through ancillary services and products.

The campaign already has garnered a significant coalition of high-profile supporters, ranging from Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom – who was on hand for the campaign launch in San Francisco Wednesday – to national groups such as the Marijuana Policy Project and the Drug Policy Alliance.

Major California players such as the state chapter of the NAACP, the California Medical Association, two sitting local U.S. congressmen, and the California chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws also are on board.

It also appears public opinion is on the campaign’s side: A February poll showed 60% of Californians support legalization.

While adult use was once rejected narrowly in California, this year’s outcome could very well be different.

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Second CO Cannabis Company Seeks NFL Stadium Naming Rights

Weed and football Best Friends farm

Weed & Football

May 19, 2016
A second cannabis company has announced it wants to land the naming rights for Sports Authority Field at Mile High, home of the Denver Broncos professional football team.

Denver-based concentrates company Openvape said in a news release it has submitted a proposal to “preserve” the Mile High legacy by pursuing “OpenVAPE at Mile High” as the stadium’s official name.

The interest among cannabis companies in the naming rights underscores an attempt to find innovative forms of marketing.

Last month, one of Colorado’s largest cannabis retailers, Native Roots, said it aims to replace Sports Authority, which currently has the naming rights to the stadium but recently filed for bankruptcy and has been forced to sell its assets.

In a bankruptcy court filing, the Denver Broncos argued that Sports Authority can’t sell or transfer its Mile High Stadium naming rights or its team sponsorship without written approval, the Denver Post reported.

Openvape said its proposal to partner with the stadium’s owner – the Metropolitan Football Stadium District – makes clear the company has the money to take over the obligations of the current naming agreement. That may amount to more than $6 million annually, and any deal is expected to last until 2021, Openvape said.

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Pot or Pizza Delivery?

In Palm Springs, California patients can now get medical marijuana delivered to their door as fast as a pepperoni pizza.
But, how do you go about getting pot delivered right to your door? The first requirement is a prescription for the issuance of an MMJ Green Card. There are several physicians in the desert such as Greensight Medical who has 4 locations and accommodating hours. They have experienced doctors on staff that can evaluate you and write you a recommendation for medical marijuana.
Once you’ve got your green card in hand you will be able to choose between a storefront shop or cannabis delivery service. Hop on the internet and Google Marijuana Delivery in the desert. You can also check out an online directory for pot in Thousand Palms, Palm Desert and Palm Springs for a detailed list. They post menus from many dispensaries and you can order your favorite strains such as Green Apple, Pre 98 Bubba or delicious Kiva Chocolate edibles. Make sure to do your research and read the reviews and then make your choice.
Some patients may feel uncomfortable going to a marijuana store, being seen inside and purchasing marijuana. Or you may have a busy schedule and can’t get to a store. However, you may want to go into a storefront to visually look at all of the varieties of weed. There is a need for both options, but options in the desert are limited, since there are only 3 in Palm Springs. Also, due to a city ordinance storefronts are closed on Sundays.
Hopefully, it won’t be a long drive for you, and once you are in the store, there is usually a long wait in a crowded lobby since they are generally pretty busy. Currently, there are only a handful of storefronts in the desert. Three storefronts may open in Cathedral City, however due to bureaucratic red tape they have not opened yet. Officials in Indio are looking into allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in their city. Desert Hot Springs opened one dispensary in March.
A good medical marijuana delivery service will provide dependable, safe and discreet delivery options. Delivery in the desert has never been easier. The staff should be able to advise patients on their range of cannabis products and explain in detail the possible health benefits. All card carrying patients can order marijuana to be delivered to your home, work or if you’re visiting and just relaxing in your hotel room. Basically, it’s convenient to place your order online or over the phone and enjoy the luxury of having it brought right to your door. Some marijuana delivery services even offer free delivery. That can be a big savings for you with the high cost of gas today.
Many offer special deals, referral gifts and returning patient perks. Once you’re satisfied with your chosen dispensary, it’s like you’ve found your best friend. Program their phone number into your speed dial and when it’s time to replenish, they will be there for you.
“I prefer marijuana delivery because they discreetly deliver meds to my house in a prescription printed bag and I can schedule it at my convenience,” said Bruce a retired contractor who spends $75 a week on medical cannabis. “I should not have to make the trip to a store.”
Mobile marijuana businesses now number in the hundreds across Southern California. Nationwide, pot delivery services have nearly tripled in three years.
“Home delivery is becoming the option of choice for more and more patients who need a service they can depend on and be there when they need them, like a best friend,” said Craig from Best Friends Farm ( a marijuana delivery service located in Rancho Mirage, California. Craig also stated that many of his patients are female because they feel safer. Older patients in the desert, disabled and even busy executives welcome having meds delivered to their door.
The shift from a brick and mortar model to a marijuana delivery service is becoming increasingly common in California. Overall, the medical marijuana industry is constantly evolving and growing.

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At Best Friends Farm all of our cannabis is California grown by responsible family farmers who care about the environment. Most importantly, we care about you, our Patients and offering you simply the Best Products. REFER A FRIEND GET A FREE GRAM!

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Super Bowl Attracts a Marijuana Message

BfGFYR9CAAEp-wBAbout 50 yards away, past the empty Gatorade bottles that lined the curb, past the old paint can and the rusted barbecue grill, and beyond the home’s tattered wooden walls, about 80,000 bees crawled over their hive.

The bees attacked and killed the pit bull, Boss, and sent his best friend, Mama, to an emergency veterinary hospital late Thursday morning, authorities said. The pair had apparently gotten loose and wandered the St. Petersburg neighborhood before making their way into the back yard of a junk-littered home at 675 23rd Ave. S. The bustling beehive, full of Africanized killer bees, was in the attic.

The dogs’ barking attracted the bees, which swarmed and attacked, stinging the dogs each more than 100 times. Boss was dead when police arrived. Mama was struggling to breathe. A neighbor took her to VCA Noah’s Place Animal Medical Center. It was unclear whether she would survive.

“Boss was in love with Mama,” said Fabian Guzman. “She has over 100 stings. They’re not sure if she’s going to make it.”

Guzman, 28, who owns two other pit bulls, had been caring for the dogs since he found them running loose two weeks ago, he said. He was walking out his front door about 11:30 a.m. Thursday carrying a bowl of food for the animals when he saw that they had broken out of his screened-in porch. Down the street, he saw the thrashing Boss, engulfed in a cloud of bees. He rushed over to try to help and got stung near his eye, he said.

Someone called police. They found the hive, nestled inside the attic on the east side of the home.

Thomas Davis, of Treeman Tree Services, was called to remove the hive, but advised that it would be unwise to do so during the day, when the bees are most aggressive, police said.

“It’s a very large hive,” said St. Petersburg police Lt. Dennis Bolender. “At this point, we’re not able to address the hive until after dark.”

Until then, officers waited in front of the home, warning people to avoid the area.

Neighbors complained that the home was unsafe, pointing to the piles of old discarded items in the front yard. “I’ve been here 18 years, and it has been that way for 18 years,” said Tukevia Smith. “I have small kids, and I have complained numerous times about the bees there.”

The couple who own the home, Don and Shirley Burns, said they were unaware of the beehive and would have removed it if they had known about it.

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Jeff Sessions: Marijuana Can’t Be Safer Than Alcohol Because ‘Lady Gaga Says She’s Addicted To It’

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) looks back proudly at his efforts, alongside Nancy Reagan, to “create a hostility to drug use” in the 1980s. Not surprisingly, Sessions was not pleased by President Obama’s recent comments about the relative hazards of marijuana and alcohol, as he explained to Attorney General Eric Holder during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today:

I have to tell you, I’m heartbroken to see what the president said just a few days ago. It’s stunning to me. I find it beyond comprehension….This is just difficult for me to conceive how the president of the United States could make such a statement as that….Did the president conduct any medical or scientific survey before he waltzed into The New Yorker and opined contrary to the positions of attorneys general and presidents universally prior to that?

Sessions, by contrast, clearly did his homework. He rebutted Obama’s observation that marijuana is safer than alcohol by citing a renowned expert on substance abuse:

Lady Gaga says she’s addicted to it and it is not harmless.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (Image: Senate Judiciary Committee)

Sen. Jeff Sessions (Image: Senate Judiciary Committee)

I have been covering drug policy for about 25 years, and I am still sometimes startled by what passes for an argument among prohibitionists. What should we conclude from this sample of one about the hazards posed by marijuana? That it can be taken to excess, like every other fun thing on the face of the planet? That some people say they have trouble consuming it in moderation? Didn’t we know both of those things before Dr. Gaga’s earthshaking discovery?

More to the point, what does the possibility of addiction tell us about the truth of the statement Obama made—i.e., that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol? After all, “less dangerous” does not mean “harmless.” As Holder observed, “any drug used in an inappropriate way can be harmful,” and “alcohol is among those drugs.” To evaluate relative hazards, we have to dig a little deeper.

According to one widely cited study, based on data from the National Comorbidity Survey, “dependence” is nearly 70 percent more common among drinkers than it is among pot smokers. So even by this measure, marijuana looks less dangerous. That’s without considering differences in acute toxicity, driving impairment, and the long-term effects of heavy consumption, all of which weigh strongly in marijuana’s favor.

Gaga was not the only authority cited by Sessions. He also mentioned former Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy, chairman of the anti-pot group Project SAM, who according to the senator “says the president is wrong on this subject.” Yet here is what Kennedy said during a recent debate on CNN with my Reason colleague Nick Gillespie:

I agree with the president. Alcohol is more dangerous.

Sessions was on firmer ground when he pressed Holder to admit that “if marijuana is legalized for adults, it makes it more available for young people.” As I’ve said before, it is likely that legalization in Colorado and Washington will be accompanied by an increase in underage consumption. While the newly legal marijuana stores are not allowed to serve anyone younger than 21, there will be a certain amount of leakage from adults to “minors” (who in this case include a bunch of people who in most other respects are considered adults), as there is with alcohol. Buying marijuana may become more difficult for people younger than 21 (assuming the black market eventually withers away), but that does not mean obtaining marijuana will be more difficult. Some teenagers and young adults will get pot by swiping it from parents or older siblings, and some legal buyers will have no qualms about sharing with older teenagers or 20-year-olds (although that will remain illegal). Given this reality, Holder’s response to Sessions’ concern about underage access is a bit troubling:

One of our eight priorities is the prevention of distribution of marijuana to minors. If there’s an indication that marijuana is being distributed to minors, that would require federal involvement….

Young people find ways to get alcohol because adults can have access to it. I’m not sure that we’ll see the same thing here given what we have said with regard to our enforcement priorities.

Holder is referring to the eight issues the Justice Department expects Colorado and Washington to address as the price of federal forbearance, one of which is “preventing the distribution of marijuana to minors.” If that means stopping state-licensed stores from selling marijuana to people younger than 21, it can be accomplished through strict enforcement of the states’ age limits. But if it means preventing 21-year-olds from sharing marijuana with their 19-year-old friends or brothers, it is not a realistic expectation. It is more like an excuse to crack down whenever the president gets tired of sniping by diehard drug warriors like Sessions.

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